The Magician - The Complete Collection #7070

The Magician - The Complete Collection #7070

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Includes all 21 episodes + TV movie Pilot

Bill Bixby (“The Incredible Hulk”) stars as master stage magician Tony Blake, a playboy philanthropist who uses his talents as an illusionist to solve crimes and help others in need.    After being falsely imprisoned, Blake escapes and uses his unjust imprisonment as a motivator to seek justice for others.

Airing from 1973-1974, the series also stars Julian Christopher (“Smallville”), Keene Curtis (“Cheers”), Joseph Sirola (“Hawaii Five-O”) and features guest appearances by Mark Hamill (Star Wars), William Shatner (“Star Trek”), Jessica Walter (“Arrested Development”), and John Colicos (“Battlestar Galactica”), among others.

Bixby, an amateur magician himself, did all his own magic tricks and all episodes were preceded by an announcement that no trick photography was used.