Christopher Plummer (“The Sound of Music”), Jane Seymour (“Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman”), Cheryl Ladd (“Charlie’s Angels,” “Las Vegas”) and Lee Horsley (“Matt Houston,” Django Unchained) star as two lovers brought together by faith, only to be separated by war  in “Crossings,” based on Danielle Steel's bestselling epic novel.

Set against the dawn of World War II, the four and a half-hour sweeping mini-series follows Nick Burnham (Horsley), a young industrialist, and Lianne DeVilliers (Ladd), the wife of an esteemed French ambassador.  After a chance meeting at President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s White House, they meet soon after on a transatlantic voyage to Europe. Despite each being married, a magnetic attraction immediately draws the two together, igniting an illicit affair. Yet as war breaks out across Europe and Lianne’s husband falls under suspicion as a Nazi collaborator, the pressure on their forbidden romance soon takes its toll--sending them to opposite ends of the globe.

The Aaron Spelling-produced mini-series, directed by Karen Arthur (“Cagney and Lacey”),  also features Oscar®-winner* Christopher Plummer (Beginners, The Sound of Music), Golden Globe®-winner Jane Seymour (“Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” Wedding Crashers) and Emmy®-winner Kelsey Grammer (“Frasier,” “Cheers”).
“Crossings”  originally aired across three nights in February 1986.



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The Untouchables - the complete 2 seasons , all 42 episodes coming soon


        • Nominated Primetime Emmy
        • IMDb rating 7.9

        The Untouchables is an American crime drama series that aired for two seasons in syndication, from January 1993 to May 1994. The series portrayed work of the real life Untouchables federal investigative squad in Prohibition-era Chicago and its efforts against Al Capone's attempts to profit from the market in bootleg liquor.

        The series features Tom Amandes as Eliot Ness and William Forsytheas Al Capone, and was based on the 1959 series and 1987 film of the same name.

        Eliot Ness (Amandes), disgusted with the widespread criminality that Al Capone (Forsythe) has brought to his home town, Chicago, and inspired by the example of his brother-in-law, Alexander Jamie (Patrick Clear), a federal law enforcement officer, becomes a government investigator himself, and puts together a special squad specifically dedicated to putting Capone behind bars.


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