Great British Ghosts Season 1, BONUS – Real Ghosts #6635

Great British Ghosts Season 1, BONUS – Real Ghosts #6635

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Great Britain is steeped in History - A past that is rich with bloodshed, deception, intrigue and mystery - abundant too with tales of ghosts and ghouls!

Headless Horseman riding through the courtyards of coaching inns in the wee hours, ghostly spectres walking down corridors, and the eerie creak of the hangman's noose echoing around a ruined castle.

Hosted by Michaela Strachan, this series is packed with spine-tingling tales of the greatest ghost stories of Great Britain



The master of fright and horror, film legend Tobe Hooper, the man who brought us one of the most terrifying films of all time, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, directed one of three hair raising real life ghost stories with narration from none other than the legendary Leonard Nimoy. Featured performers include stars such as Sheena Easton, Seth Green and Stacy Keach (Narrator).