Brave New World DVD or BluRay - starring Leonard Nimoy and Peter Gallagher

$9.95 USD


Aldous Huxley’s classic novel is brought to life in this television movie starring Leonard Nimoy and Peter Gallagher.

In a world where pleasure and conformity are all that matter, people are conditioned to live happy, promiscuous lives with the help of a mood-enhancing drug called Soma. On the fringes of the cities, savages live in reservations, free from conditioning but subject to emotions, disease and violence.

Lenina becomes too attached to Bernard and is warned that her feelings for him are forbidden. When they meet one of the savages, John, during a scenic tour and bring him to the city it excites the citizens and creates conflict among those in power.

Fascinated by John’s capacity for emotion and his intolerance for their shallow, emotionless society, Lenina begins to teach her students about real human emotions.

This forces John to call her in for discipline, but when she tells him she is pregnant with his child and intends to have it naturally, he releases her to a reservation to have the baby. In an epiphany, Bernard realizes that his life is empty without her and finds himself conflicted. Will he leave behind everything he has ever known and escape to a long-forgotten way of life?